Dear Researcher,

The Electronic Journal of Education of Araguaia Faculty - RENEFARA is a semi-annual electronic publication of Araguaia Faculty, which is classified in the Qualis Periodic CAPES system in stratum B4 INTERDISCIPLINARY, EDUCATION, GEOGRAPHY and MATERIALS evaluation area, in stratum B5 EDUCATION and COMMUNICATION AND INFORMATION and classified in stratum C area of evaluation: BIODIVERSITY, ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES and LETTERS / LINGUISTICS.

The journal is indexed in International databases: DIADORIM, Latindex, SHERPA / RoMEO and REDIB and in national databases: Portal of Periodicals CAPES, IBICT OASISBR, R2B, Sumarios.org, FREE Open Access Magazines and Google Scholar.

Its purpose is to publish articles, points of view, summaries, reviews, relevant essays and results of theoretical studies and research on education, notably in the areas of Administration, Public Administration, Architecture And Urbanism, Biological and Accounting Sciences, Building Construction, Physical Education, Environmental, Agronomic, Civil Engineering, Journalism, Pedagogy, Advertising and Technology and Commercial Management, covering topics or multidisciplinary research lines focused on the improvement of education , Generation of solution to problems of society, development of the professional critical sense as source of resources for the construction of knowledge.

RENEFARA is gathering new members to form the Advisory Board of this Magazine, which is why, we invite your landlord to participate and register in our Board of Directors.

If you want to participate follow the registration form, just fill it and send us.

However, for a better clarification of the role of the counselor in the Electronic Journal of Education of Faculty Araguaia, below the regulation and the attributions of this Council.